Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CloneDVD Mobile

CloneDVD mobile converts your DVD movies quickly and easily into a format that your mobile equipment Sony PSP, Apple iPod Video, iAudio X5, Creative Labs ZEN Vision, etc) can play. You can also convert your DVDs to other file formats, such as DivX, XviD, AVI, MP4, etc. With CloneDVD mobile you can put your favourite movies or TV series on your mobile video equipment and watch them wherever and whenever you want. Let the kids watch their favourite cartoons in the car.

Incorporating the user-friendly interface of Elby's CloneDVD and the well-engineered open source project FFmpeg as the conversion engine makes CloneDVD mobile a fast, easy-to-use and quality product that is very reasonably priced. Copying a DVD to your mobile video machine is achieved in a few mouse clicks and without the need to rip it to your hard-disk. Note that copying protected DVDs also requires AnyDVD.

Features of CloneDVD Mobile:
  1. Convert movie DVDs to play on mobile video equipment like the Sony PSP, Apple iPod Video, iAudio X5, Creative Labs ZEN Vision, etc
  2. Convert movie DVDs to other file formats like DivX, XviD, AVI, MP4, etc.
  3. Utilises a high quality picture conversion engine
  4. Supports multi-angle movie DVDs
  5. Video Preview shows an overview of all selectable DVD titles
  6. Target size freely adjustable
  7. Supports chapter trimming
  8. Very easy to use: Our unique Filmstrip assistant will guide you step-by-step through all settings - easy for beginners
  9. Picture snapshots while converting
  10. Logging window available
  11. Stable, fast and does not require an ASPI driver
The mencoder binaries used by CloneDVD mobile are licensed under the GPL and are maintained by the MPlayer team. A copy of the source code for these binaries can be found here:

mencoder is installed as a standalone application in the "apps" directory in CloneDVDmobile's program directory. It can be used from the command prompt. More information about mencoder can be found here:

Changes in Version, 2008 02 13:
  • new: added profiles for Sony Walkman and LG VX8350
  • fix: display of estimated resulting filesize showed a wrap-around effect at and above 4 GB
  • change: constant bitrate now applied to mp3 audio in avi files for better compatibility
  • several minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Size: 8.62 MB



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