Sunday, February 3, 2008

SmarterMail 4.3.2903

The first major upgrade of SmarterMail strives to revolutionize the way you host email.

With a more intuitive interface, flexible spam options that include Bayesian Filtering, and live server diagnostics,

SmarterMail becomes the best solution you will find

What are the Limitations?
SmarterMail Free Edition is limited to 10 email users on a single domain, and includes all the functionality of SmarterMail Enterprise Edition.
Unlike trial software or shareware, free SmarterTools products contain no time limits, popup nag screens,or functionality limits (besides the user limit mentioned above).

Why a Free Edition?
SmarterTools chooses to give away completely free editions of its products for several
  1. Giving Back - Many employees of SmarterTools understand
  2. what it is like to be part of a growing company. Budgets are tight, and often money is not available for software expenses. By providing free editions of its software, SmarterTools helps those small businesses grow and expand.
  3. Word of Mouth - Free software is easier to adopt than paid software,and some boundaries to purchasing are overcome in this way. We hope that people will appreciate the simplicity and power of our products and tell others
  4. For this reason SmarterTools free editions do not expire after a certain amount of time.
  5. In addition, no functionality is stripped from the product so that you can evaluate the product as a whole.
  6. Size:32.5MB



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