Monday, February 4, 2008

StatPlus 2007 v4.75

This software processes data to perform statistical analysis. The major benefit of the program is that it's fully standardized. Companies that have to comply with ISO standards (such as ISO2602:1980, ISO 2854:1976, ISO 3207:1975, for example) can use

StatPlus 2005 to process their data and get ISO-standardized results.

economics, insurance industry, healthcare and clinical research, probability calculations for lotteries and gambling operations - to name just a few fields where the program is already being extensively used.
While StatPlus 2007 is a "heavy-duty" professional statistical analysis tool,

the interface is so simple that even people who have no knowledge of statistics are capable of processing data,

provided they know how to use PC and clear instructions are given. This frees up intellectual resources for analyzing the results,

rather than agonizing over who and how processed the data,

and if any mistakes were made in the process.

Basic Statistics:

determining descriptive statistics
normality tests
T-Test/Pagurova Criterion/G-Criterion
Fisher F-test
correlation coefficients (Pearson, Fechner) and covariation
frequency tables analysi




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